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      In this forum you can post question relating to 'shortcodes' or how to make modifications to the general look and feel of things. A 'shortcode' is basically a programming trick to call a function (much like you would make a function call in c++). It has the general structure [shortcode_name option1="value" option2="value"] compare this to calling a function my_function(value1,value2). I have written several codes to layout the website. To attach those codes to specific pages I am using shortcodes. I can add as many options to a shortcode as I like...but it gets confusing quickly. For example, to generate the line "Personal UvA page and webpage" for group members is simple. To check whether both URL's are there and to print sensible things when one is missing is a different story (in case no UvA url is specified but webpage is, you want to read "Personal webpage"). Everything is possible, but the previous example already involves 3 nested if-then-else statements. Please keep this in mind when requesting features...or reporting bugs. The codes are not that transparent when complicated things are asked for.
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